The duties of the Stewards are as follows:

* To make provisions for the moving expenses of the Pastor and provide a parsonage for the Pastor and family.

* To make sure the needs of the Pastor and his/her family are met.

* To seek and relieve the needy and distressed members.

* To be stimulants for the spiritual life of the church by being present at all services, willing to lead devotion and assist with worship when needed.

* They are expected to support and promote all projects, programs and financial obligations of the church.

* The Stewards are to receive monies collected.

* They are to have at least two representatives to assist in counting monies received each Sunday or any special service.

* Stewards should be present at all board meetings called by the Chairperson or Pastor.

* Stewards should attend weekly Bible Study and/or Sunday School.

* Stewards are to lead the way in keeping harmony and peace.

Meeting Times:
We meet every second Saturday of the month at 6:00 PM

Officers or Contact Person: Chairman/Preacher's Steward - Charles Bennett