Church Master Plan (C.M.P.)

Phase II and III expansion goal of $3 million. Phase II includes the parking lot expansion. See master plan for the architect's layout for a community church. We are asking for our friends and families to help.

The church master plan is a major long term endeavor. If you would like to view a complete slide of the master plan, click Master Plan.

Professional Fundraiser Campaign

When faced with a number of major repairs, raising funds can be a challenge. We have listed a few major items below. Use a professional fund raiser or go it alone with the help of a consultant.

Community Based Grants

Need member(s) or groups to search and apply for community based grants to support the Arthuree Tucker Community Pantry.

Giving my time and talent…

Giving my time and talent…

I will serve!

Fund Raiser Commitment

Our annual fund raiser is a commitment over and above our normal tithes and offerings. Your commitment will significantly assist J.W. to meet its budget, major repairs, and reserve for phase III expansion. You may complete a

If you would like to help via ministry, group or go it alone providing your Time, Talent or Treasurer for major repairs. Here are a few Share Fath ideas to reach those beyond the JW membership. Just, let the Trustees or Steward know your interest.

Click on “Fund Raising Ideas for “How to:

Fundraiser raising ideas

  • Bicycle Fundraiser

  • Book Fair Fund Raising

  • Bumper Sticker Fundraising

  • Candle Fundraising Tips

  • Candy Fundraising

  • Car Wash Fundraising

  • Charity Art Show Fundraiser

  • Choosing a Church Fundraiser Event

  • Choosing the Right Fundraiser For Your Church

  • Church Fundraising Committee Meeting

  • Church Fundraising Basics and Ideas

  • Church Fundraising with Religious Teams and Committees

  • Church Fundraising with FBCOS

  • Church Fundraising with Products

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  • Church Tithing Guidelines

  • Church Concert Fundraising

  • Cookbook Fundraising

  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser

  • Craft Fair Fundraiser

  • Eight Steps to Great Church Fundraising Letters

  • How to raise funds for your church

  • Pink Flamingo Fundraisers

  • Pizza Fundraising

  • Polar Bear Plunge Fundraisers

  • Rubber Duck Race Fundraisers

  • Rummage Sale Fundraisers

  • Silent Auction Fundraising

  • Unique Church Fundraising Ideas