Need member(s) or groups to search and apply for community based grants to support the Arthuree Tucker Community Pantry.


Our annual fund raiser is a commitment over and above our normal tithes and offerings. Your commitment will significantly assist J.W. to meet its budget and major repairs.

When faced with a number of major repairs, raising funds can be a challenge. We have listed two major items below.

Show your support:

If you would like to help via ministry, group or go it alone providing your Time, Talent or Treasurer for major repairs. Here are a few Share Fath ideas to reach those beyond the JW membership. Just, let the Trustees or Steward know your interest.

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Church Master Plan (C.M.P.)

Phase II and III expansion goal of $3 million. Phase II includes the parking lot expansion. See master plan for the architect's layout for a community church. We are asking for our friends and families to help.

The church master plan is a major long term endeavor. If you would like to view a complete slide of the master plan, click image of the expanded facility.