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During the BLISS Mini-Series, each presenter(s) will facilitate in their own way by utilizing many tools which will contribute to build or enhance our relationships. There will be presentations, group sessions, Q&A sessions, role play, couple assignments and information to take home and share with your mate.  As we stood at the altar, our marriages were ordained by God.   His holy word provides the compass for cultivating and sustaining our relationships.   All presentations will be supported by the word of God as He leads, guides and directs our marriages through its various seasons.   
From the very moment you said “I do” before God and your witnesses, you made promises to Him and to one another; which included your undying love and commitment. Often times life, family and adult obligations can take precedence.  The coup! le can be overwhelmed.  That’s when the “garden” can often go unattended to despite our efforts or desires to maintain a “weed free existence”.  Therefore, the goal is to enlighten, enhance and enrich our marriages. Whether it’s a newly wedded couple or a “seasoned” couple---- we can all anticipate to learn something new or to be inspired to cultivate an area in our lives that may require some time and attention.   
We pray that you will join us as we embark upon the BLISS Mini- Series.  We plan to have a great time in the Lord as we learn more about ourselves and our relationships and the word of God.  Itinerary outlining sessions, dates, times and all pertinent information will be forthcoming. 

Sincere Regards, 
The BLISS Ministry Committee 



Hello BLISS family,

E=Blast: 08/31/2017

I pray that this message finds everyone blessed and doing well as we set our minds on summer.  Just wanted to reach out and share what I’ve been working on.. In hopes of findinga local event to participate with; I’ve been researching various couples ministry sites and recommendations frommarried couples.  I’ve been studying this particular group for a while. I’d like to share some information with you regarding a retreat that I’ve been watching sponsored by a Christian group named Family Life.  If you can recall; during the past months I shared with you information regarding a retreat that took place in Bay Harbor, Michigan.  The majority of us were unable to attend due to the date.  It was the same weekend as the Appreciation celebration for our beloved, Bernard Samuels.


It is still my desire that we can attend that conference next year; which is held during the spring of every year.  That group doesn’t seem to post their information until the beginning of the year.  Although you can still  visit the site to see the last retreat.  We can also begin to set our funds to the side and be ready once the information is posted.  The general cost  is $550.00 a couple which includes lodging, meals and sessions. In the meantime, I thought I would share this part! icular retreat with you because it is hosted  here in Downtown Detroit!!! It’s November 10-12, 2017.  That gives us plenty of time to plan.   The pricing is different from the Agape marriage retreat.   Everything is ala cart.   The registration cost is $300.00 a couple.  Early registration will take off $75.00.  The rooms are $149.00 a night.   You’re responsible for booking the entire event. The link is at the very bottom of this page.   


Please take a moment and scroll below (please enjoy the passage) and click on the Detroit Marriott  (Ren Cen) Hotel.  All of the information is there.  As always,

if there’s a commitment of a least 5 couples, It’s a date!!!  I’ll  have a brief meeting after 10:45 service for some feedback or you can call, text or e-mail me directly--- 313.719.1509 e-mail It’s just an idea….  I’d thought I’d share because it’s local…. 

Lastly, there are plans underway for a fellowship to be held at John Wesley.  Details will be forth coming..  Remember,  should there be an idea for an outing or fellowship –please feel free to share.


I’ll be in touch…

Kindest Regards,

 Brigitte June- Irby

BLISS Ministry