Dear Applicant:

Click here to retrieve the application for John Wesley A.M.E.Z Church Scholarship. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND MONITOR THE DEADLINES.


•          Read carefully,  noting all deadlines.

•          A complete application includes our application page and all appropriate attachments. No electronic submissions of grades, transcripts etc. for paper filed applications. All paper filed applications and attachments must be printed for hand or mail delivery. PLEASE DO NOT SEND TO THE CHURCH OFFICE

•         Incomplete applications will not be considered.

•         Late applications will not be accepted.

•          Letters of recommendations should come from teachers,  counselors,  coaches, etc.

•          High School Transcripts - For High school graduates only: 7 semesters acceptable. 8th grade semester to be submitted when available and/or before scholarships are  awarded.

•          Contact the committee if you need assistance with your resume.

•          Oral interviews MAY be necessary. You will be contacted if one is needed. If we cannot reach you, your application may not be considered.

•         You will be given a topic for your essay. It must also be completed and submitted by May 14, 2017. Please plan to attend 10:45 am Service on Education Sunday, if possible.

•          Plan to assist with golf outing in August in some  capacity. If you are awarded a scholarship, the following specific procedures must be followed:

•         The first half of the award will be given once your fall schedule has been submitted.

•         The second half will be distributed after you submit your fall semester grades and your second semester schedule.

•          You are expected to maintain your 2.5 GPA.

Please contact us if you have questions or concerns.   We are here to support you.

If for any reason you will not be able to meet the eligibility requirements by the deadline, please see any member of the committee prior to the deadline.

You are responsible to submit any changes in your status or contact information. You must submit in writing any changes to the committee.

Please keep this information to refer to throughout your school year. God Bless You in Your Collegiate Endeavors,

The online fillable application is not available or approved at this time.

The John Wesley Scholarship Committee.