Quarterly / Annual Conference Process.

Quarterly Conference Meeting

Quarterly Conference Meeting

The Pastor or his delegate shares or emails the Excel GSA Online Quarterly Conference Report to preparers for quarterly input.  

The report must be completed one week before the quarterly conference meeting. The pastor may review and print the reports at that time.

You should consider making the GSA QC-Report workbook a FAVORITE as an additional way to access your report for future quarters. You may need to determine which browser works for you, e.g.Fire Fox, Explore, Chrome (Google), etc.

How do I know if receipts were made to my ministry?

Click Sunday Receipts to review each Sunday’s cash receipts. The report will be updated weekly.

If you find any discrepancies, simply advise the church office. 

how do i know my count balance agrees with the church records (AMA).

Ministry quarterly conference account balances may differ from the church AMA balances  due to timing differences. Ministries should reconcile there account balances with the church account each month. Again, if you find any discrepancies, simply advise the church office.  Last posting: Posted November 20th.

The state of the Church REport

The Steward and Trustee State of the Church Report as of

Posted November 20th.