Quarterly Conference Instructions

Google JW Online Quarterly Conference Report

The Pastor or his delegate shares the 2019-2020 Quarterly Conference Report on this website. Click image to retrive the Q-report.

The quarterly conference reports are linked to the pastor's report and must be completed in the following order.

  • 1.) Class leaders: 15 days before the quarterly conference.
  • 2.) Ministry of Kindness: 10 days before the quarterly conference.
  • 3.) Trustees: 7 days before the quarterly conference.
  • 4.) Stewards: 5 days before the quarterly conference.

You should consider making the GSA QC-Report workbook a FAVORITE as an additional way to access your report for future quarters. You may need to determine which browser works for you, e.g.Fire Fox, Explore, Chrome (Google), etc.

New: An additional page (sheet) has been added to the quarterly conference workbook. The purpose of this sheet is to provide preparers with a list of their respective receipts and disbursements The beginning and ending balances are only shown on the respective ministries conference reports. To access this report, simply click on the "Ministry Transactions" link shown on the Instruction page.

Q_REport Instructions