2017-2018 Quarterly Conference Report Forms

There are three files you can select from to gain access to your ministry's report.

1. This file contains the following reports: 

  • Pastor's Statistical Report 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Pastor's Report 
  •  Quarterly/Annual for Trustees Report(State of the Church)
  •  Quarterly/Annual for Stewards(State of the Church)
  •  Quarterly/Annual or Benevolent Collections 
  •  Woman's Home and Overseas Missionary Society 
  •  Quarterly/Annual for Church Sunday School Superintendent 
  •  Quarterly/Annual for Lay Council

2 This file contains the following reports: 

  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Board of Christian Education 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Board of Deconness 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Board of Stewardess 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Board of Stewards 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Board of Trustees
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Board of Ushers
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Choirs 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Dance Ministry 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Drama Ministry 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Evangelism 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Home Missions 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Nurses Guild
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Sons of Varick 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Willing Workers
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Superannuated Ministers 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Supernumerary Ministers/Local Preachers/Exhorters 

3 This file contains the following reports: 

  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Class Leaders Recap
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Leader of Leaders
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Class Leaders (1-40)

Power Point Presentation

Click on the title POWER POINT PRESENTATION to view a power point presentation of the  2nd quarter's Q-Reports.