Quarterly Conference Report Forms

There is one workbook that contain the following files where you can gain access to your ministry's report.

1. This WORKBOOK contains the following LINKED reports: 

  • Pastor's Statistical Report 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Pastor's Report 
  •  Quarterly/Annual for Trustees Report(State of the Church)
  •  Quarterly/Annual for Stewards(State of the Church)
  •  Quarterly/Annual or Benevolent Collections 
  •  Woman's Home and Overseas Missionary Society 
  •  Quarterly/Annual for Church Sunday School Superintendent 
  •  Quarterly/Annual for Lay Council

2 These file contain the following BOARDS & MINISTRIES reports: 

  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Board of Christian Education 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Board of Deconness 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Board of Stewardess 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Board of Stewards 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Board of Trustees
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Board of Ushers
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Choirs 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Dance Ministry 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Drama Ministry 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Evangelism 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Home Missions 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Nurses Guild
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Sons of Varick 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Willing Workers
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Superannuated Ministers 
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Supernumerary Ministers/Local Preachers/Exhorters 

3 These file contain the following class leaders reports: 

  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Class Leaders Recap
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Leader of Leaders
  •  Quarterly/Annual Report for Class Leaders (1-20)

Power Point Presentation

Click on the title POWER POINT PRESENTATION to view a power point presentation of the  2nd quarter's Q-Reports.


Video: Step by step guides for you, your church and a guide for creating the workbook. 


The newest GSA Quarterly Conference Report template, 4.7 can be found at www.ameziongsa.com. 

Download the most recent template and save to your desktops and follow the instructions in the step by step guide. 
Review the entire guide before going through the process. It will answer many  concerns. In addition, the website now has a self-serve password reset. For those who need resets on Office 365, contact GSA office through the 
contact section of the website and click the Help Desk icon. 
There is a step by step guide for the Presiding Elder of expanded role of the Presiding Elder regarding the evaluation of
the pastor and church. Please read it. It provides invaluable information to assist you in becoming more effective in the 
execution of your duties.